Paul Russells

Paul Russells LED Flame Candle Filament Bulbs - Pack of 6

These LED Filament Candle Flame BC/B22 cap bulbs boast a powerful 470 lumens of bright light, with a mercury-free make that makes them safe for home-usage. These are a perfect choice for thoroughly brightening up your home.

Instant Ignition
With these bulbs lighting up in less than 0.5 seconds, your house will be illuminated in the blink of an eye (quite literally!). The light is flicker-free once established, which is better for our eye health, meaning the efficiency is paired with consideration.

Modern Design
We take a new approach to make these bulbs, using only durable materials for a lifespan of up to 15000 hours. This CE/UKCA and RoHS certified technique also ensure that these bulbs are highly energy-efficient, better for your bills and the planet.